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  1. GPU-based Stereo Matching Algorithm with the Strategy of Population-based Incremental Learning

  2. Comparative Study on the Educational Use of Home Robots for Children

  3. An Experiment of Traceability-Driven System Testing

  4. Trusted Certificate Validation Scheme for Open LBS Application Based on XML Web Services

  5. A Cluster-Based Energy-Efficient Routing Protocol without Location Information for Sensor Networks

  6. POI Recommendation Method Based on Multi-Source Information Fusion Using Deep Learning in Location-Based Social Networks

  7. GPU-Based ECC Decode Unit for Efficient Massive Data Reception Acceleration

  8. Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Multi-Resolution Multi-Direction Filtering-Based CLBP Texture Features and Color Autocorrelogram Features

  9. Voting and Ensemble Schemes Based on CNN Models for Photo-Based Gender Prediction

  10. Hot Spot Analysis of Tourist Attractions Based on Stay Point Spatial Clustering