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  1. A Novel Approach for Deriving Test Scenarios and Test Cases from Events

  2. Optimal Software Release Using Time and Cost Benefits via Fuzzy Multi-Criteria and Fault Tolerance

  3. A Log Analysis System with REST Web Services for Desktop Grids and its Application to Resource Group-based Task Scheduling

  4. An Adequacy Based Test Data Generation Technique Using Genetic Algorithms

  5. Virus Detection Method based on Behavior Resource Tree

  6. Ensuring Anonymity for LBSs in Smartphone Environment

  7. Security Framework for RFID-based Applications in Smart Home Environment

  8. A License Audit Model for Secure DRM Systems in IP-based Environments

  9. Incremental Model-based Test Suite Reduction with Formal Concept Analysis

  10. Approximate Clustering on Data Streams Using Discrete Cosine Transform