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  1. Accelerating Group Fusion for Ligand-Based Virtual Screening on Multi-core and Many-core Platforms

  2. A Hybrid Approach for the Morpho-Lexical Disambiguation of Arabic

  3. Event Detection on Motion Activities Using a Dynamic Grid

  4. Simple Pyramid RAM-Based Neural Network Architecture for Localization of Swarm Robots

  5. Improving the Diffusion of the Stream Cipher Salsa20 by Employing a Chaotic Logistic Map

  6. Cost-Effective Replication Schemes for Query Load Balancing in DHT-Based Peer-to-Peer File Searches

  7. An Efficient Color Edge Detection Using the Mahalanobis Distance

  8. Spectrum Sensing and Data Transmission in a Cognitive Relay Network Considering Spatial False Alarms

  9. Skin Segmentation Using YUV and RGB Color Spaces

  10. Duplication with Task Assignment in Mesh Distributed System