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  1. Mobility Management Survey for Home-eNB Based 3GPP LTE Systems

  2. Selection of a Competent Wireless Access Point for High Wireless Bandwidth
    Ji Yeon Park, Kitae Hwang
    Vol. 2, No. 3, pp. 159-162, Dec. 2006

    Keywords: WLAN, AP, SNMP, Network Utilization

  3. Distance Functions to Detect Changes in Data Streams
    Ulziitugs Bud, JongTae Lim
    Vol. 2, No. 1, pp. 44-47, Mar. 2006

    Keywords: change detection, distance functions.

  4. A Modified E-LEACH Routing Protocol for Improving the Lifetime of a Wireless Sensor Network

  5. Identification of Tea Diseases Based on Spectral Reflectance and Machine Learning

  6. Combining Distributed Word Representation and Document Distance for Short Text Document Clustering

  7. Multimodal Biometrics Recognition from Facial Video with Missing Modalities Using Deep Learning

  8. An Optimization Method for the Calculation of SCADA Main Grid's Theoretical Line Loss Based on DBSCAN

  9. Implementation of Low Complexity FFT, ADC and DAC Blocks of an OFDM Transmitter Receiver Using Verilog

  10. Hierarchical Graph based Segmentation and Consensus based Human Tracking Technique