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  1. An Energy Efficient Distributed Approach-Based Agent Migration Scheme for Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks

  2. Fast Device Discovery for Remote Device Management in Lighting Control Networks

  3. Penetration Testing and Network Auditing: Linux

  4. Selection of the Best Two-Hop AF Wireless Link under Multiple Antenna Schemes over a Fading Channel

  5. A Real-Time Integrated Hierarchical Temporal Memory Network for the Real-Time Continuous Multi-Interval Prediction of Data Streams

  6. Cost-Effective Replication Schemes for Query Load Balancing in DHT-Based Peer-to-Peer File Searches

  7. A Step towards User Privacy while Using Location-Based Services

  8. Traffic Analysis of a Cognitive Radio Network Based on the Concept of Medium Access Probability

  9. An Unified Representation of Context Knowledge Base for Mobile Context-Aware System

  10. Performance Evaluation of the WiMAX Network under a Complete Partitioned User Group with a Traffic Shaping Algorithm