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  1. Review on Digital Image Watermarking Based on Singular Value Decomposition

  2. Transaction Processing Method for NoSQL Based Column
    Jeong-Joon Kim
    Vol. 13, No. 6, pp. 1575-1584, Dec. 2017
    Keywords: BigData, HBase, Multi-Row Transaction, NoSQL

  3. Combining Multi-Criteria Analysis with CBR for Medical Decision Support

  4. XSSClassifier: An Efficient XSS Attack Detection Approach Based on Machine Learning Classifier on SNSs

  5. Interactive Experience Room Using Infrared Sensors and User’s Poses

  6. A Text Similarity Measurement Method Based on Singular Value Decomposition and Semantic Relevance

  7. A Method of Chinese and Thai Cross-Lingual Query Expansion Based on Comparable Corpus

  8. An Innovative Approach of Bangla Text Summarization by Introducing Pronoun Replacement and Improved Sentence Ranking

  9. Achievable Rate Analysis for Opportunistic Non-orthogonal Multiple Access-Based Cooperative Relaying Systems

  10. HESnW: History Encounters-Based Spray-and-Wait Routing Protocol for Delay Tolerant Networks