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  1. A Health Management Service with Beacon-Based Identification for Preventive Elderly Care

  2. The Improved Joint Bayesian Method for Person Re-identification Across Different Camera

  3. A Multi-Scale Parallel Convolutional Neural Network Based Intelligent Human Identification Using Face Information

  4. A Multi-Level Integrator with Programming Based Boosting for Person Authentication Using Different Biometrics

  5. Cross-Validation Probabilistic Neural Network Based Face Identification

  6. Service Identification of Internet-Connected Devices Based on Common Platform Enumeration

  7. A Method of Image Identification in Instrumentation

  8. Fingerprint Identification Based on Hierarchical Triangulation

  9. Combination of Classifiers Decisions for Multilingual Speaker Identification

  10. Fingerprint Matching Based on Dimension Reduced DCT Feature Vectors