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  1. Thangka Image Inpainting Algorithm Based on Wavelet Transform and Structural Constraints

  2. GLIBP: Gradual Locality Integration of Binary Patterns for Scene Images Retrieval

  3. Face Recognition Based on the Combination of Enhanced Local Texture Feature and DBN under Complex Illumination Conditions

  4. Texture Image Retrieval Using DTCWT-SVD and Local Binary Pattern Features

  5. Image Restoration and Object Removal Using Prioritized Adaptive Patch-Based Inpainting in a Wavelet Domain

  6. Content-based Image Retrieval Using Texture Features Extracted from Local Energy and Local Correlation of Gabor Transformed Images

  7. Fire Detection Using Multi-Channel Information and Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix Image Features

  8. Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Combined Color and Texture Features Extracted by Multi-resolution Multi-direction Filtering

  9. Content Based Dynamic Texture Analysis and Synthesis Based on SPIHT with GPU

  10. Discriminatory Projection of Camouflaged Texture Through Line Masks