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  1. Vehicle Detection at Night Based on Style Transfer Image Enhancement

  2. A Brief Survey into the Field of Automatic Image Dataset Generation through Web Scraping and Query Expansion

  3. Applying Token Tagging to Augment Dataset for Automatic Program Repair

  4. TOD: Trash Object Detection Dataset

  5. A Manually Captured and Modified Phone Screen Image Dataset for Widget Classification on CNNs

  6. Research on Fault Diagnosis of Wind Power Generator Blade Based on SC-SMOTE and kNN

  7. Ensemble of Classifiers Constructed on Class-Oriented Attribute Reduction

  8. XSSClassifier: An Efficient XSS Attack Detection Approach Based on Machine Learning Classifier on SNSs

  9. A Dataset of Online Handwritten Assamese Characters

  10. Default Prediction for Real Estate Companies with Imbalanced Dataset