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  1. An Early Warning Model for Student Status Based on Genetic Algorithm-Optimized Radial Basis Kernel Support Vector Machine

  2. A Controllable Parallel CBC Block Cipher Mode of Operation

  3. A Hybrid PSO-BPSO Based Kernel Extreme Learning Machine Model for Intrusion Detection

  4. A Windowed-Total-Variation Regularization Constraint Model for Blind Image Restoration

  5. The Kernel Trick for Content-Based Media Retrieval in Online Social Networks

  6. A Secure Operating System Architecture Based on Linux against Communication Offense with Root Exploit for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

  7. Mobile User Interface Pattern Clustering Using Improved Semi-Supervised Kernel Fuzzy Clustering Method

  8. Kernel Fisher Discriminant Analysis for Natural Gait Cycle Based Gait Recognition

  9. Power Quality Disturbances Identification Method Based on Novel Hybrid Kernel Function

  10. Age Invariant Face Recognition Based on DCT Feature Extraction and Kernel Fisher Analysis