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  1. Multiple Mixed Modes: Single-Channel Blind Image Separation

  2. Vehicle Detection at Night Based on Style Transfer Image Enhancement

  3. Dog-Species Classification through CycleGAN and Standard Data Augmentation

  4. GAN-Based Local Lightness-Aware Enhancement Network for Underexposed Images

  5. Design of Image Generation System for DCGAN-Based Kids’ Book Text
    Jaehyeon Cho, Nammee Moon
    Vol. 16, No. 6, pp. 1437-1446, Dec. 2020

    Keywords: DCGAN, NLTK, OCR

  6. Symbiotic Organisms Search for Constrained Optimization Problems

  7. A Block-based Adaptive Data Hiding Approach using Pixel value difference and LSB Substitution to Secure E-Governance Documents

  8. A Physical Storage Design Method for Access Structures of Image Information Systems

  9. A New Approach for Hierarchical Dividing to Passenger Nodes in Passenger Dedicated Line

  10. A High Quality Steganographic Method Using Morphing