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  1. Anonymous Authentication Scheme based on NTRU for the Protection of Payment Information in NFC Mobile Environment

  2. Dynamic knowledge mapping guided by data mining: Application on Healthcare

  3. The Principle of Justifiable Granularity and an Optimization of Information Granularity Allocation as Fundamentals of Granular Computing

  4. An Efficient Web Ontology Storage Considering Hierarchical Knowledge for Jena-based Applications

  5. Developing Protege Plug-in: OWL Ontology Visualization using Social Network

  6. A Knowledge Discovery Framework for Spatiotemporal Data Mining

  7. A Method for Automatic Generation of OWL-S Service Ontology
    Jin-Hyuk Yang, In-Jeong Chung
    Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. 114-123, Jun. 2006

    Keywords: Ontology, Semantic Web, OWL-S, State-chart, and UML