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  1. Texture Image Retrieval Using DTCWT-SVD and Local Binary Pattern Features

  2. Speech Query Recognition for Tamil Language Using Wavelet and Wavelet Packets

  3. Image Restoration and Object Removal Using Prioritized Adaptive Patch-Based Inpainting in a Wavelet Domain

  4. Hadoop Based Wavelet Histogram for Big Data in Cloud
    Jeong-Joon Kim
    Vol. 13, No. 4, pp. 668-676, Aug. 2017
    Keywords: Big data, histogram, MapReduce, wavelet

  5. Blind Color Image Watermarking Based on DWT and LU Decomposition

  6. X-Ray Image Enhancement Using a Boundary Division Wiener Filter and Wavelet-Based Image Fusion Approach

  7. Content Based Dynamic Texture Analysis and Synthesis Based on SPIHT with GPU

  8. Classification of Textured Images Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform and Information Fusion

  9. Interactive Semantic Image Retrieval

  10. ECG Denoising by Modeling Wavelet Sub-Band Coefficients using Kernel Density Estimation