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  1. Beacon-Based Indoor Location Measurement Method to Enhanced Common Chord-Based Trilateration

  2. Combining Multi-Criteria Analysis with CBR for Medical Decision Support

  3. A Survey on Asynchronous Quorum-Based Power Saving Protocols in Multi-Hop Networks

  4. Content-based Image Retrieval Using Texture Features Extracted from Local Energy and Local Correlation of Gabor Transformed Images

  5. Sector Based Multiple Camera Collaboration for Active Tracking Applications

  6. Using Semantic Knowledge in the Uyghur-Chinese Person Name Transliteration

  7. Improvement of OPW-TR Algorithm for Compressing GPS Trajectory Data

  8. An Improved Zone-Based Routing Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks

  9. Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Combined Color and Texture Features Extracted by Multi-resolution Multi-direction Filtering

  10. Unsupervised Segmentation of Images Based on Shuffled Frog-Leaping Algorithm