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  1. Highly Efficient and Precise DOA Estimation Algorithm

  2. Digitalization of Seafarer's Book for Authentication and e-Navigation

  3. Development of a CUBRID-Based Distributed Parallel Query Processing System

  4. Parallel and Sequential Implementation to Minimize the Time for Data Transmission Using Steiner Trees

  5. Feasibility Study of a Distributed and Parallel Environment for Implementing the Standard Version of AAM Model

  6. The Accuracy of the Non-continuous I Test for One- Dimensional Arrays with References Created by Induction Variables

  7. TBBench: A Micro-Benchmark Suite for Intel Threading Building Blocks

  8. The Use of MSVM and HMM for Sentence Alignment

  9. An Efficient Block Cipher Implementation on Many-Core Graphics Processing Units

  10. Parallel Prefix Computation and Sorting on a Recursive Dual-Net