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  1. Research on Community Knowledge Modeling of Readers Based on Interest Labels

  2. Class-Labeling Method for Designing a Deep Neural Network of Capsule Endoscopic Images Using a Lesion-Focused Knowledge Model

  3. Knowledge Base Associated with Autism Construction Using CRFs Learning

  4. Cyber Kill Chain-Based Taxonomy of Advanced Persistent Threat Actors: Analogy of Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures

  5. Using Semantic Knowledge in the Uyghur-Chinese Person Name Transliteration

  6. A Review of Fixed-Complexity Vector Perturbation for MU-MIMO

  7. A Note on Computing the Crisp Order Context of a Fuzzy Formal Context for Knowledge Reduction

  8. An Unified Representation of Context Knowledge Base for Mobile Context-Aware System

  9. Training-Free Fuzzy Logic Based Human Activity Recognition

  10. Developing a Web-Based Knowledge Product Outsourcing System at a University