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  1. Assisted Magnetic Resonance Imaging Diagnosis for Alzheimer’s Disease Based on Kernel Principal Component Analysis and Supervised Classification Schemes

  2. One-Dimensional Search Location Algorithm Based on TDOA

  3. Iris Ciphertext Authentication System Based on Fully Homomorphic Encryption

  4. PSA: A Photon Search Algorithm

  5. Identification of Tea Diseases Based on Spectral Reflectance and Machine Learning

  6. Symbiotic Organisms Search for Constrained Optimization Problems

  7. Mobile User Interface Pattern Clustering Using Improved Semi-Supervised Kernel Fuzzy Clustering Method

  8. An Improved Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm Based on Special Division and Intellective Search

  9. Compression and Enhancement of Medical Images using Opposition Based Harmony Search Algorithm

  10. Digitalization of Seafarer's Book for Authentication and e-Navigation