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  1. Design and Development of m-Learning Service Based on 3G Cellular Phones

  2. Visual Monitoring System of Multi-Hosts Behavior for Trustworthiness with Mobile Cloud

  3. Partial Bicasting with Buffering for Proxy Mobile IPv6 Handover in Wireless Networks

  4. Design of Multi-dimensional Contents Retrieval UI for Mobile IPTV

  5. A Cultural Dimensions Model based on Smart Phone Applications

  6. A Single Mobile Target Tracking in Voronoi-based Clustered Wireless Sensor Network

  7. A Classifiable Sub-Flow Selection Method for Traffic Classification in Mobile IP Networks

  8. Development of Personal Information Protection Model using a Mobile Agent

  9. A Fine-grained Localization Scheme Using A Mobile Beacon Node for Wireless Sensor Networks

  10. Design of Cryptographic Hardware Architecture for Mobile Computing