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  1. Efficient Hybrid Transactional Memory Scheme using Near-optimal Retry Computation and Sophisticated Memory Management in Multi-core Environment

  2. A Novel Statistical Feature Selection Approach for Text Categorization

  3. Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Combined Color and Texture Features Extracted by Multi-resolution Multi-direction Filtering

  4. Image Deblocking Scheme for JPEG Compressed Images Using an Adaptive-Weighted Bilateral Filter

  5. Inter-Domain Mobility Management Based on the Proxy Mobile IP in Mobile Networks

  6. Performance Improvement of a Movie Recommendation System based on Personal Propensity and Secure Collaborative Filtering

  7. A TRUS Prostate Segmentation using Gabor Texture Features and Snake-like Contour

  8. A Fuzzy Impulse Noise Filter Based on Boundary Discriminative Noise Detection

  9. A Vision-Based Method to Find Fingertips in a Closed Hand

  10. Adaptive Motion Vector Smoothing for Improving Side Information in Distributed Video Coding