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  1. Energy efficient Cross Layer Multipath Routing for Image Delivery in Wireless Sensor Networks

  2. An Improvement Video Search Method for VP-Tree by using a Trigonometric Inequality

  3. CASPER: Congestion Aware Selection of Path with Efficient Routing in Multimedia Networks

  4. Lifting a Metadata Model to the Semantic Multimedia World

  5. Challenges to Next Generation Services in IP Multimedia Subsystem

  6. MMMP: A MAC Protocol to Ensure QoS for Multimedia Traffic over Multi-hop Ad Hoc Networks

  7. Utilizing Fragmented Bandwidth in a Staggered Striping Multimedia System

  8. Addressing Mobile Agent Security through Agent Collaboration
    Evens Jean, Yu Jiao, Ali R Hurson
    Vol. 3, No. 1, pp. 43-53, Jun. 2007

    Keywords: Disk Striping, Multimedia System, Bandwidth

  9. Data-Hiding Method using Digital Watermark in the Public Multimedia Network

  10. An Evaluation of Multimedia Data Downstream with PDA in an Infrastructure Network