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  1. Content-based Image Retrieval Using Texture Features Extracted from Local Energy and Local Correlation of Gabor Transformed Images

  2. Regularization Parameter Selection for Total Variation Model Based on Local Spectral Response

  3. Granular Bidirectional and Multidirectional Associative Memories: Towards a Collaborative Buildup of Granular Mappings

  4. A Power Allocation Algorithm Based on Variational Inequality Problem for Cognitive Radio Networks

  5. Fragile Watermarking Based on LBP for Blind Tamper Detection in Images

  6. An Improved Stereo Matching Algorithm with Robustness to Noise Based on Adaptive Support Weight

  7. Secure Authentication Approach Based New Mobility Management Schemes for Mobile Communication

  8. Joint Estimation of Near-Field Source Parameters and Array Response

  9. Image-Centric Integrated Data Model of Medical Information by Diseases: Two Case Studies for AMI and Ischemic Stroke

  10. Image Deblocking Scheme for JPEG Compressed Images Using an Adaptive-Weighted Bilateral Filter