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  1. Fragile Watermarking Based on LBP for Blind Tamper Detection in Images

  2. An Improved Stereo Matching Algorithm with Robustness to Noise Based on Adaptive Support Weight

  3. Secure Authentication Approach Based New Mobility Management Schemes for Mobile Communication

  4. Joint Estimation of Near-Field Source Parameters and Array Response

  5. Image-Centric Integrated Data Model of Medical Information by Diseases: Two Case Studies for AMI and Ischemic Stroke

  6. Image Deblocking Scheme for JPEG Compressed Images Using an Adaptive-Weighted Bilateral Filter

  7. A Multiple Features Video Copy Detection Algorithm Based on a SURF Descriptor

  8. Evaluation of Histograms Local Features and Dimensionality Reduction for 3D Face Verification

  9. Geohashed Spatial Index Method for a Location-Aware WBAN Data Monitoring System Based on NoSQL

  10. Analysis of Semantic Relations Between Multimodal Medical Images Based on Coronary Anatomy for Acute Myocardial Infarction