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  1. A Cost-Optimization Scheme Using Security Vulnerability Measurement for Efficient Security Enhancement

  2. Research on the Variable Rate Spraying System Based on Canopy Volume Measurement

  3. The Improved Joint Bayesian Method for Person Re-identification Across Different Camera

  4. Triqubit-state Measurement-based Image Edge Detection Algorithm

  5. Measuring the Degree of Content Immersion in a Non-experimental Environment Using a Portable EEG Device

  6. A Text Similarity Measurement Method Based on Singular Value Decomposition and Semantic Relevance

  7. A Measurement System for 3D Hand-Drawn Gesture with a PHANToM™ Device

  8. A Study of a Server Selection Model for Selecting a Replicated Server based on Downstream Measurement in the Server-side

  9. The Design and Implementation of an Available Bandwidth Measurement Scheme in the KGrid System

  10. Simulation of the Digital Image Processing Algorithm for the Coating Thickness Automatic Measurement of the TRISO-coated Fuel Particle