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  1. Simple Pyramid RAM-Based Neural Network Architecture for Localization of Swarm Robots

  2. A Review of Fixed-Complexity Vector Perturbation for MU-MIMO

  3. Sparse Channel Estimation of Single Carrier Frequency Division Multiple Access Based on Compressive Sensing

  4. A Dataset of Online Handwritten Assamese Characters

  5. Improving the Diffusion of the Stream Cipher Salsa20 by Employing a Chaotic Logistic Map

  6. An Adaptive Superframe Duration Allocation Algorithm for Resource-Efficient Beacon Scheduling

  7. Biological Infectious Watermarking Model for Video Copyright Protection

  8. A Maximum Entropy-Based Bio-Molecular Event Extraction Model that Considers Event Generation

  9. Genetic Symmetric Key Generation for IDEA

  10. WebSHArk 1.0: A Benchmark Collection for Malicious Web Shell Detection