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  1. Self-Identification of Boundary’s Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks

  2. Segmentation and Recognition of Korean Vehicle License Plate Characters Based on the Global Threshold Method and the Cross-Correlation Matching Algorithm

  3. Landmark-Guided Segmental Speech Decoding for Continuous Mandarin Speech Recognition

  4. Age Invariant Face Recognition Based on DCT Feature Extraction and Kernel Fisher Analysis

  5. Viewpoint Unconstrained Face Recognition Based on Affine Local Descriptors and Probabilistic Similarity

  6. A Dataset of Online Handwritten Assamese Characters

  7. Viewer’s Affective Feedback for Video Summarization

  8. Extreme Learning Machine Ensemble Using Bagging for Facial Expression Recognition

  9. Training-Free Fuzzy Logic Based Human Activity Recognition

  10. Adaptive Cross-Device Gait Recognition Using a Mobile Accelerometer