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  1. Automatic Detection of Texture-defects using Texture-periodicity and Jensen-Shannon Divergence

  2. A Clustering Protocol with Mode Selection for Wireless Sensor Network

  3. A Single Mobile Target Tracking in Voronoi-based Clustered Wireless Sensor Network

  4. An Optimized Approach of Fault Distribution for Debugging in Parallel

  5. Approximate Clustering on Data Streams Using Discrete Cosine Transform

  6. Inverted Index based Modified Version of K-Means Algorithm for Text Clustering

  7. Feature Extraction of Concepts by Independent Component Analysis

  8. ASVMRT: Materialized View Selection Algorithm in Data Warehouse

  9. Secure Key Management Protocol in the Wireless Sensor Network
    Yoon-Su Jeong, Sang-Ho Lee
    Vol. 2, No. 1, pp. 48-51, Mar. 2006

    Keywords: cluster, Key Management Protocol, WSN

  10. A Cluster-Based Energy-Efficient Routing Protocol without Location Information for Sensor Networks