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  1. A Scalable Wireless Body Area Network for Bio-Telemetry

  2. Implementation of Advanced IP Network Technology for IPTV Service

  3. SVD-LDA: A Combined Model for Text Classification

  4. MMMP: A MAC Protocol to Ensure QoS for Multimedia Traffic over Multi-hop Ad Hoc Networks

  5. Interface Development for the Point-of-care device based on SOPC

  6. A New Fair Call Admission Control for Integrated Voice and Data Traffic in Wireless Mobile Networks

  7. Determination of Optimal Cell Capacity for Initial Cell Planning in Wireless Cellular Networks

  8. An Improved Automated Spectral Clustering Algorithm

  9. Dynamic Caching Routing Strategy for LEO Satellite Nodes Based on Gradient Boosting Regression Tree

  10. TPS Analysis, Performance Indicator of Public Blockchain Scalability