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  1. A Chi-Square-Based Decision for Real-Time Malware Detection Using PE-File Features

  2. ELPA: Emulation-Based Linked Page Map Analysis for the Detection of Drive-by Download Attacks

  3. Age Invariant Face Recognition Based on DCT Feature Extraction and Kernel Fisher Analysis

  4. Practical (Second) Preimage Attacks on the TCS_SHA-3 Family of Cryptographic Hash Functions

  5. A Note on Computing the Crisp Order Context of a Fuzzy Formal Context for Knowledge Reduction

  6. Design and Implementation of a Content Model for m-Learning

  7. The Accuracy of the Non-continuous I Test for One- Dimensional Arrays with References Created by Induction Variables

  8. Power Consumption Analysis of Prominent Time Synchronization Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks

  9. Discriminatory Projection of Camouflaged Texture Through Line Masks

  10. A Comparative Study of Estimation by Analogy using Data Mining Techniques