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  1. Modeling and Simulation of Scheduling Medical Materials Using Graph Model for Complex Rescue

  2. An Improved Cat Swarm Optimization Algorithm Based on Opposition-Based Learning and Cauchy Operator for Clustering

  3. Granular Bidirectional and Multidirectional Associative Memories: Towards a Collaborative Buildup of Granular Mappings

  4. Unsupervised Segmentation of Images Based on Shuffled Frog-Leaping Algorithm

  5. A Hybrid Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm and a Radial Basic Function Network for Image Classification

  6. Energy Consumption Scheduling in a Smart Grid Including Renewable Energy

  7. Developing a Dynamic Materialized View Index for Efficiently Discovering Usable Views for Progressive Queries

  8. An Optimized Approach of Fault Distribution for Debugging in Parallel

  9. An Early Warning Model for Student Status Based on Genetic Algorithm-Optimized Radial Basis Kernel Support Vector Machine

  10. Improved Gauss Pseudospectral Method for UAV Trajectory Planning with Terminal Position Constraints