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  1. A Method of Coupling Expected Patch Log Likelihood and Guided Filtering for Image Denoising

  2. An Effective Denoising Method for Images Contaminated with Mixed Noise Based on Adaptive Median Filtering and Wavelet Threshold Denoising

  3. Efficient Hybrid Transactional Memory Scheme using Near-optimal Retry Computation and Sophisticated Memory Management in Multi-core Environment

  4. A Novel Statistical Feature Selection Approach for Text Categorization

  5. Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Combined Color and Texture Features Extracted by Multi-resolution Multi-direction Filtering

  6. Image Deblocking Scheme for JPEG Compressed Images Using an Adaptive-Weighted Bilateral Filter

  7. Inter-Domain Mobility Management Based on the Proxy Mobile IP in Mobile Networks

  8. Performance Improvement of a Movie Recommendation System based on Personal Propensity and Secure Collaborative Filtering

  9. A TRUS Prostate Segmentation using Gabor Texture Features and Snake-like Contour

  10. A Fuzzy Impulse Noise Filter Based on Boundary Discriminative Noise Detection