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  1. Design of Cryptographic Hardware Architecture for Mobile Computing

  2. Topological Boundary Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks

  3. Geometric Fitting of Parametric Curves and Surfaces

  4. Optimization of Domain-Independent Classification Framework for Mood Classification

  5. Static Type Assignment for SSA Form in CTOC

  6. Metaphor and Typeface Based on Children’s Sensibilities for e-Learning

  7. Selection of a Competent Wireless Access Point for High Wireless Bandwidth
    Ji Yeon Park, Kitae Hwang
    Vol. 2, No. 3, pp. 159-162, Dec. 2006

    Keywords: WLAN, AP, SNMP, Network Utilization

  8. Determination of Optimal Cell Capacity for Initial Cell Planning in Wireless Cellular Networks

  9. Simulation of the Digital Image Processing Algorithm for the Coating Thickness Automatic Measurement of the TRISO-coated Fuel Particle

  10. Digitalization of Seafarer's Book for Authentication and e-Navigation