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  1. A Comprehensive Analyses of Intrusion Detection System for IoT Environment

  2. Dynamic Thermal Rating of Overhead Transmission Lines Based on GRAPES Numerical Weather Forecast

  3. A Detailed Analysis of Classifier Ensembles for Intrusion Detection in Wireless Network

  4. A Computational Intelligence Based Online Data Imputation Method: An Application For Banking

  5. A Log Analysis System with REST Web Services for Desktop Grids and its Application to Resource Group-based Task Scheduling

  6. Distributed and Scalable Intrusion Detection System Based on Agents and Intelligent Techniques

  7. Robust Real-time Intrusion Detection System
    Byung-Joo Kim, Il-Kon Kim
    Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 9-13, Dec. 2005

    Keywords: real-time IDS, kernel PCA. LS-SVM