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  1. Accelerating Group Fusion for Ligand-Based Virtual Screening on Multi-core and Many-core Platforms

  2. Evaluation of Histograms Local Features and Dimensionality Reduction for 3D Face Verification

  3. Robust ROI Watermarking Scheme Based on Visual Cryptography: Application on Mammograms

  4. Improving the Diffusion of the Stream Cipher Salsa20 by Employing a Chaotic Logistic Map

  5. An Energy Efficient Distributed Approach-Based Agent Migration Scheme for Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks

  6. GMM-Based Maghreb Dialect IdentificationSystem

  7. Graphemes Segmentation for Arabic Online Handwriting Modeling

  8. Extreme Learning Machine Ensemble Using Bagging for Facial Expression Recognition

  9. Fault Detection in the Semiconductor Etch Process Using the Seasonal Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average Modeling

  10. Content Modeling Based on Social Network Community Activity