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  1. An Induction Scheme of Fast Initiative-Evacuation Based on Social Graphs

  2. A Study on the Design of Humane Animal Care System and Java Implementation

  3. A Novel Approach for Integrating Security in Business Rules Modeling Using Agents and an Encryption Algorithm

  4. An Energy Efficient Distributed Approach-Based Agent Migration Scheme for Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks

  5. Distributed and Scalable Intrusion Detection System Based on Agents and Intelligent Techniques

  6. Stakeholders Driven Requirements Engineering Approach for Data Warehouse Development

  7. Development of Personal Information Protection Model using a Mobile Agent

  8. A Delegation Model based on Agent in Distributed Systems
    Kyu Il Kim, Joo Chang Lee, Won Gil Choi, Eun Ju Lee, Ung Mo Kim
    Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 82-88, Dec. 2007

    Keywords: XACML, SAML, agent

  9. A Light-weight and Dynamically Reconfigurable RMON Agent System

  10. Prototyping a Student Model for Educational Games