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  1. A Survey of Deep Learning in Agriculture: Techniques and Their Applications

  2. An Alternative State Estimation Filtering Algorithm for Temporarily Uncertain Continuous Time System

  3. Triqubit-state Measurement-based Image Edge Detection Algorithm

  4. Seamless Mobility of Heterogeneous Networks Based on Markov Decision Process

  5. Traffic Analysis of a Cognitive Radio Network Based on the Concept of Medium Access Probability

  6. Default Prediction for Real Estate Companies with Imbalanced Dataset

  7. A TRUS Prostate Segmentation using Gabor Texture Features and Snake-like Contour

  8. Incremental Model-based Test Suite Reduction with Formal Concept Analysis

  9. A Method for Automatic Generation of OWL-S Service Ontology
    Jin-Hyuk Yang, In-Jeong Chung
    Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. 114-123, Jun. 2006

    Keywords: Ontology, Semantic Web, OWL-S, State-chart, and UML

  10. PC-KIMMO-based Description of Mongolian Morphology