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  1. Fast Leaf Recognition and Retrieval Using Multi-Scale Angular Description Method

  2. Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Multi-Resolution Multi-Direction Filtering-Based CLBP Texture Features and Color Autocorrelogram Features

  3. Multi-granular Angle Description for Plant Leaf Classification and Retrieval Based on Quotient Space

  4. Shape Description and Retrieval Using Included-Angular Ternary Pattern

  5. A Physical Storage Design Method for Access Structures of Image Information Systems

  6. Texture Image Retrieval Using DTCWT-SVD and Local Binary Pattern Features

  7. Content-based Image Retrieval Using Texture Features Extracted from Local Energy and Local Correlation of Gabor Transformed Images

  8. Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Combined Color and Texture Features Extracted by Multi-resolution Multi-direction Filtering

  9. Interactive Semantic Image Retrieval