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  1. Directional Interpolation Based on Improved Adaptive Residual Interpolation for Image Demosaicking

  2. Risk Assessment and Decision-Making of a Listed Enterprise’s L/C Settlement Based on Fuzzy Probability and Bayesian Game Theory

  3. Study on Net Assessment of Trustworthy Evidence in Teleoperation System for Interplanetary Transportation

  4. An Ontology-Based Labeling of Influential Topics Using Topic Network Analysis

  5. Dynamic Thermal Rating of Transmission Line Based on Environmental Parameter Estimation

  6. A Study on an Automatic Multi-Focus System for Cell Observation

  7. An Efficient Fingerprint Matching by Multiple Reference Points

  8. Service Identification of Internet-Connected Devices Based on Common Platform Enumeration

  9. Fingerprint Identification Based on Hierarchical Triangulation

  10. Fingerprint Matching Based on Dimension Reduced DCT Feature Vectors