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  1. SAT-Analyser Traceability Management Tool Support for DevOps

  2. An Internet of Things System Architecture for Aiding Firefighters in the Scene of Disaster

  3. Maximizing Network Utilization in IEEE 802.21 Assisted Vertical Handover over Wireless Heterogeneous Networks

  4. Information Technology Infrastructure for Agriculture Genotyping Studies

  5. Image Restoration and Object Removal Using Prioritized Adaptive Patch-Based Inpainting in a Wavelet Domain

  6. IDMMAC: Interference Aware Distributed Multi-Channel MAC Protocol for WSAN

  7. Detection of Microcalcification Using the Wavelet Based Adaptive Sigmoid Function and Neural Network

  8. Fingerprint Matching Based on Dimension Reduced DCT Feature Vectors

  9. Fuzzy-Membership Based Writer Identification from Handwritten Devnagari Script

  10. A Survey on the Detection of SQL Injection Attacks and Their Countermeasures