Static Type Assignment for SSA Form in CTOC

Ki-Tae Kim, Weon-Hee Yoo, Journal of Information Processing Systems Vol. 3, No. 1, pp. 26-32, Jun. 2007  

Keywords: Bytecode, Control Flow Graph, Static Single Assignment, Static Type Assignment


Although the Java bytecode has numerous advantages, it also has certain shortcomings such as its slow execution speed and difficulty of analysis. In order to overcome such disadvantages, a bytecode analysis and optimization must be performed. The control flow of the bytecode should be analyzed; next, information is required regarding where the variables are defined and used to conduct a dataflow analysis and optimization. There may be cases where variables with an identical name contain different values at different locations during execution, according to the value assigned to a given variable in each location. Therefore, in order to statically determine the value and type, the variables must be separated according to allocation. In order to achieve this, variables can be expressed using a static single assignment form. After transformation into a static single assignment form, the type information of each node expressed by each variable and expression must be configured to perform a static analysis and optimization. Based on the basic type information, this paper proposes a method for finding the related equivalent nodes, setting nodes with strong connection components, and efficiently assigning each node type

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Ki-Tae Kim and Weon-Hee Yoo. 2007. Static Type Assignment for SSA Form in CTOC. Journal of Information Processing Systems, 3, 1, (2007), 26-32. DOI: .