AI based Intelligent decision making for Industrial IoT using Fuzzy based systems



  The Modern world communications has various approaches to entertain the real world applications in a smarter way. The Intelligent decision making systems proposes the involvement of AI and soft computing approaches to deal the digital world in terms of various IT strategies with Fuzzy Logic, Neural networks and the evolutionary algorithms that foster the need of the smart applications. The modern world address the changing needs in the increasing impact of Big data, Business analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Various analytical patterns has gained a big attention to the researchers, Industrialist and the academicians. The Artificial intelligence with Business intelligence provides a big mathematical platform to operate the intelligent systems in a high performance environment. The expansion of the manufacturing in the Industry is able to apply Soft computing models with the higher demand in product using Industrial IoT (IIoT). These technologies play a vital role in routing establishment, network resource optimization and energy-efficient computing, which are mainly operating in Network and Transport upper layer of OSI model. The IIoT has been applied with the cyber physical systems has analysed the need of interaction in the modern world. The soft computing based IIoT approach offers the Industry to analyse the demands in the market with the trending business goals



 The overall aim of this special issue is to collect state-of-the-art research findings on the latest development, up-to-date issues, and challenges using soft computing approaches with AI for Industry. Proposed submissions should be original, unpublished, and novel in-depth research that makes significant methodological or application contributions. Potential topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following.

  •    - Fuzzy based dynamic decision making models for IIoT
  •    - Fuzzy based Sustainable systems with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for IIoT
  •    - Fuzzy based AI based Fuzzy preference modeling in intelligent decision support systems for IIoT
  •    - Fuzzy based Sustainable smart city approaches using IIoT
  •    - Fuzzy based Fuzzy dynamic consensus and decision making for IIoT
  •    - Fuzzy based social consensus and decision making for IIoT
  •    - Fuzzy based Large scale group decision making for IIoT
  •    - Fuzzy based Resource optimization using soft computing modles for IIoT applications
  •    - Fuzzy based Neural network based ambience intelligence for IIoT
  •    - Fuzzy based Architecture and scalability for AI enabled mobile IIoT applications



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Department of Information Technology, National Engineering College, K.R.Nagar, Kovilpatti, Tamil Nadu, India
svimalnec@nec.edu.in (or) svimalphd@gmail.com

Dr. Shahid Mumtaz, Senior Researcher, Senior Member IEEE
Instituto de Telecomunicaces, Aveiro, Portugal
ACM Distinguished Speaker
Editor in Chief - IET Journal of Quantum Communication
National University Ho Chi Minh City, Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Dr.Danilo Pelusi
Faculty of Communication Sciences, University of Teramo, Via Balzarini, 1, 64100,Teramo, Italy


 Important Dates

  • - Manuscript submission due: Sep.15, 2021 (tentative)
  • - Author notification: Nov. 30, 2021 (tentative)
  • - Expected publication: Dec. 30, 2021 (tentative)