[CLOSED] AI-Enabled and Human-Centric Computing for Online Social Networks Security, Privacy and Trust  



  Online social networks (OSNs) are now deeply entrenched in our society and daily lives. This is not surprisingly as such platforms, tools, applications and services allow us to conveniently acquire, exchange and share data, information, and knowledge on a much larger scale, and without geographic restriction. This has also contributed to trends such as the emerging AI-enabled and human-centric frontier computing driven by social media big data, including new computing paradigms, e.g., aware computing and (social) situation analytics, to facilitate social data mining and knowledge discovery. There are, however, security, privacy and trustworthiness issues that need to be addressed by integrating artificial intelligence theories and methods, such as based on the ML/DL/causality inference, as well as human-centric and hardware controlled online social networks features. This is the focus of this thematic issue. More specifically, we are seeking to investigate the emerging AI-enabled and human-centric computing challenges and their state-of-the-art theories, models, algorithms and solutions.



 Journal of Information Processing Systems is soliciting high quality manuscripts presenting original contributions for its special issue. In this thematic issue, we solicit the submission of high-quality original research and survey articles in topics including, but are not limited to, particularly interdisciplinary submissions that bring together social media, security, privacy and trust researchers. 

  •    - AI and Frontier human-centric computing paradigms for OSNs security
  •    - ML/DL/causality inference models and algorithms for social big data security analysis
  •    - Social IOT and hardware controlled online security features for social computing
  •    - Computational intelligence for social behavior analysis, social bots checking and controlling
  •    - Fine-grained and spatial-temporal-featured privacy protection employed by AI
  •    - Social big data-driven trust management and risk assessment, as well as social-factor considerations in the social ecosystems
  •    - Human-centric OSNs security prototypes and empirical studies together with social big data applications



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Zhiyong Zhang, Ph.D., SMIEEE, 
Department of Computer Science
Henan University of Science and Technology, China

Dr. Celestine Iwendi, Ph.D., SMIEEE, 
Fellow Higher Education Academy
Board Member IEEE Sweden Section, Sweden 

 Important Dates

  • - Manuscript submission due: May. 30, 2020-> June. 29, 2020
  • - Author notification: August. 30, 2020 (tentative) -> September. 29, 2020 (tentative)
  • - Expected publication: 4th quarter, 2020 (tentative)