[EDITORIAL] Enhanced Integrated Algorithm & Software Architecture

Jong Hyuk Park
Volume: 14, No: 2, Page: 281 ~ 285, Year: 2018
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The Journal of Information Processing Systems (JIPS) has such indices as ESCI, SCOPUS, EI COMPENDEX, DOI, DBLP, EBSCO, Google Scholar, and CrossRef, and has are four divisions: Computer systems and theory, Multimedia systems and graphics, Communication systems and security, and Information systems and applications. Published by the Korean Information Processing Society (KIPS), JIPS places special emphasis on hot research topics such as artificial intelligence, network, databases, and security.

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J. H. Park, "[EDITORIAL] Enhanced Integrated Algorithm & Software Architecture," Journal of Information Processing Systems, vol. 14, no. 2, pp. 281~285, 2018. DOI: 10.3745/JIPS.00.0010.

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Jong Hyuk Park. 2018. [EDITORIAL] Enhanced Integrated Algorithm & Software Architecture, Journal of Information Processing Systems, 14, 2, (2018), 281~285. DOI: 10.3745/JIPS.00.0010.