A Knowledge Discovery Framework for Spatiotemporal Data Mining

Jun-Wook Lee and Yong-Joon Lee
Volume: 2, No: 2, Page: 124 ~ 129, Year: 2006

Keywords: spatiotemporal data mining, spatiotemporal knowledge discovery, spatiotemporal moving pattern, discovery framework
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With the explosive increase in the generation and utilization of spatiotemporal data sets, many research efforts have been focused on the efficient handling of the large volume of spatiotemporal sets. With the remarkable growth of ubiquitous computing technology, mining from the huge volume of spatiotemporal data sets is regarded as a core technology which can provide real world applications with intelligence. In this paper, we propose a 3-tier knowledge discovery framework for spatiotemporal data mining. This framework provides a foundation model not only to define the problem of spatiotemporal knowledge discovery but also to represent new knowledge and its relationships. Using the proposed knowledge discovery framework, we can easily formalize spatiotemporal data mining problems. The representation model is very useful in modeling the basic elements and the relationships between the objects in spatiotemporal data sets, information and knowledge.

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