ASVMRT: Materialized View Selection Algorithm in Data Warehouse

Jin-Hyuk Yang and In-Jeong Chung
Volume: 2, No: 2, Page: 67 ~ 75, Year: 2006

Keywords: Materialized views, Data Warehouse, and Clustering
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In order to acquire a precise and quick response to an analytical query, proper selection of the views to materialize in the data warehouse is crucial. In traditional view selection algorithms, all relations are considered for selection as materialized views. However, materializing all relations rather than a part results in much worse performance in terms of time and space costs. Therefore, we present an improved algorithm for selection of views to materialize using the clustering method to overcome the problem resulting from conventional view selection algorithms. In the presented algorithm, ASVMRT (Algorithm for Selection of Views to Materialize using Reduced Table), we first generate reduced tables in the data warehouse using clustering based on attribute-values density, and then we consider the combination of reduced tables as materialized views instead of a combination of the original base relations. For the justification of the proposed algorithm, we reveal the experimental results in which both time and space costs are approximately 1.8 times better than conventional algorithms.

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