Developing a Web-Based Knowledge Product Outsourcing System at a University

Mark B. Onte and Dave E. Marcial
Volume: 9, No: 4, Page: 548 ~ 566, Year: 2013
Keywords: Knowledge Product Outsourcing, Management, Web 2.0, IT in Education
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The availability of technology and the abundance of experts in universities create an ample opportunity to provide a venue that allows a knowledge seeker to easily connect with and request advice from university experts. On the other hand, outsourcing provides opportunities and remains one of the emerging trends in organizations, and can very clearly observed in the Philippines. This paper describes teh development of a reliable web-based approach to Knowledge Product Outsourcing (KPO) services in the Silliman Online University Learning system. The system is called an "e-Knowledge Box." It integrates Web 2.0 technologies and mechanisms, such as instant messaging, private messaging, document forwarding, video conferencing, online payments, net meetings, and social collaboration together into one system. Among the tools used are WAMP Server 2.0, PHP, BlabIM, Wordpress 3.0, Video Whisper, Red5, Adobe Dreamweaver CS4, and Virtual Box. The proposed system is integrated with the search engine in URLs, Web feeds, email links, social bookmarking, search engine sitemaps, and Web Analytics Direct Visitor Reports. The site demonstrates great web usability and has an excellent rating in functionality, language and content, online help and user guides, system and user feedback, consistency, and architectural and visual clarity. Likewise, the site was was reted as being very good for the following items: navigation navigation, user control, and error prevention and correction.

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M. B. O. D. E. Marcial, "Developing a Web-Based Knowledge Product Outsourcing System at a University," Journal of Information Processing Systems, vol. 9, no. 4, pp. 548~566, 2013. DOI: 10.3745/JIPS.2013.9.4.548.

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Mark B. Onte and Dave E. Marcial. 2013. Developing a Web-Based Knowledge Product Outsourcing System at a University, Journal of Information Processing Systems, 9, 4, (2013), 548~566. DOI: 10.3745/JIPS.2013.9.4.548.