Stream-based Biomedical Classification Algorithms for Analyzing Biosignals

Simon Fong, Yang Hang, Sabah Mohammed and Jinan Fiaidhi
Volume: 7, No: 4, Page: 717 ~ 732, Year: 2011
Keywords: Data Stream Mining, VFDT, OVFDT, C4.5 and Biomedical Domain
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Classification in biomedical applications is an important task that predicts or classifies an outcome based on a given set of input variables such as diagnostic tests or the symptoms of a patient. Traditionally the classification algorithms would have to digest a stationary set of historical data in order to train up a decision-tree model and the learned model could then be used for testing new samples. However, a new breed of classification called stream-based classification can handle continuous data streams, which are ever evolving, unbound, and unstructured, for instance--biosignal live feeds. These emerging algorithms can potentially be used for real-time classification over biosignal data streams like EEG and ECG, etc. This paper presents a pioneer effort that studies the feasibility of classification algorithms for analyzing biosignals in the forms of infinite data streams. First, a performance comparison is made between traditional and stream-based classification. The results show that accuracy declines intermittently for traditional classification due to the requirement of model re-learning as new data arrives. Second, we show by a simulation that biosignal data streams can be processed with a satisfactory level of performance in terms of accuracy, memory requirement, and speed, by using a collection of stream-mining algorithms called Optimized Very Fast Decision Trees. The algorithms can effectively serve as a corner-stone technology for real-time classification in future biomedical applications.

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S. Fong, Y. Hang and S. M. J. Fiaidhi, "Stream-based Biomedical Classification Algorithms for Analyzing Biosignals," Journal of Information Processing Systems, vol. 7, no. 4, pp. 717~732, 2011. DOI: 10.3745/JIPS.2011.7.4.717.

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Simon Fong, Yang Hang, Sabah Mohammed and Jinan Fiaidhi. 2011. Stream-based Biomedical Classification Algorithms for Analyzing Biosignals, Journal of Information Processing Systems, 7, 4, (2011), 717~732. DOI: 10.3745/JIPS.2011.7.4.717.