A Study on RFID System with Secure Service Availability for Ubiquitous Computing

Dae-Hee Seo and Im-Yeong Lee
Volume: 1, No: 1, Page: 96 ~ 101, Year: 2005

Keywords: RFID, Service Availability, Secure Communication, Network Management Ubiquitous Computing
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Spotlighted as an innovative information technology environment, ubiquitous computing has been actively researched on recently. Especially, domestic and global researches focus on the RFID system, which is being eyed to replace the existing bar-code system. As an essential technology for ubiquitous computing, the RFID system can be applied for various purposes. The security issues of the RFID system focus on how the low-priced tag type could have reasonable price competitiveness. The Auto-ID Center in the U.S. is spearheading the research on distribution service and omnidirectional security. As for Japan, the researches on omni-directional security and EPC application are necessary in securing the technology for ubiquitous computing with support from the Ministry of Public Management Home Affairs, Posts, and Telecommunication. In this paper, a method of ensuring the availability of the RFID system service will be presented based on the ubiquitous computing environment with the existing omni-directional security and user-friendly interface. While the existing researches focus on the RF reader system and tag-based security, this paper's suggestion also considers the availability of a service to suggest ways of increasing the practical usage of a low-priced RF tag.

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