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  1. A CTR Prediction Approach for Text Advertising Based on the SAE-LR Deep Neural Network

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  4. A Text Similarity Measurement Method Based on Singular Value Decomposition and Semantic Relevance

  5. Real-Time Motion Blur Using Triangular Motion Paths

  6. A Method of Chinese and Thai Cross-Lingual Query Expansion Based on Comparable Corpus

  7. Using Semantic Knowledge in the Uyghur-Chinese Person Name Transliteration

  8. Time-Delay and Amplitude Modified BP Imaging Algorithm of Multiple Targets for UWB Through-the-Wall Radar Imaging

  9. HESnW: History Encounters-Based Spray-and-Wait Routing Protocol for Delay Tolerant Networks

  10. Query with SUM Aggregate Function on Encrypted Floating-Point Numbers in Cloud