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  1. On Modification and Application of the Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm

  2. Digital Forensics: Review of Issues in Scientific Validation of Digital Evidence

  3. Impediments to the Integration of ICT in Public Schools of Contemporary Societies: A Review of Literature

  4. Vocal Effort Detection Based on Spectral Information Entropy Feature and Model Fusion

  5. Face Recognition Based on the Combination of Enhanced Local Texture Feature and DBN under Complex Illumination Conditions

  6. Convolutional Neural Network Based Multi-feature Fusion for Non-rigid 3D Model Retrieval

  7. Black Hole along with Other Attacks in MANETs: A Survey

  8. Content-based Image Retrieval Using Texture Features Extracted from Local Energy and Local Correlation of Gabor Transformed Images

  9. Efficiently Processing Skyline Query on Multi-Instance Data

  10. Regularization Parameter Selection for Total Variation Model Based on Local Spectral Response