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  1. Design of Cryptographic Hardware Architecture for Mobile Computing

  2. A Scalable Wireless Body Area Network for Bio-Telemetry

  3. An Autonomic -Interleaving Registry Overlay Network for Efficient Ubiquities Web Services Discovery Service

  4. Monitoring Systems for Embedded Equipment in Ubiquitous Environments

  5. A Universal Model for Policy-Based Access Control-enabled Ubiquitous Computing

  6. A Study on RFID System with Secure Service Availability for Ubiquitous Computing

  7. A Cluster-Based Energy-Efficient Routing Protocol without Location Information for Sensor Networks

  8. PC-KIMMO-based Description of Mongolian Morphology

  9. Research and Design of Functional Requirements of Shared Electric Bicycle App Based on User Experience

  10. Remote Fault Diagnosis Method of Wind Power Generation Equipment Based on Internet of Things