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  1. Robust ROI Watermarking Scheme Based on Visual Cryptography: Application on Mammograms

  2. Robust and Reversible Image Watermarking Scheme Using Combined DCT-DWT-SVD Transforms

  3. An Efficient Color Edge Detection Using the Mahalanobis Distance

  4. A High Quality Steganographic Method Using Morphing

  5. The Design of the IIR Differintegrator and its Application in Edge Detection

  6. Stroke Width-Based Contrast Feature for Document Image Binarization

  7. Hardware Software Co-Simulation of the Multiple Image Encryption Technique Using the Xilinx System Generator

  8. Interactive Semantic Image Retrieval

  9. A Robust Face Detection Method Based on Skin Color and Edges

  10. Evaluation of the Image Backtrack-Based Fast Direct Mode Decision Algorithm